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2018 Recap: First year blogging + a year of self-discovery

2018 Recap: First year blogging + a year of self-discovery


On January 15th of this year, I took a leap of faith and started blogging. I put myself out there and got to write, create and be authentically ME- something that was clearly missing in my life at the time.


Over the course of this year, opportunities have presented themselves to me that I could not have ever imagined. Working with beauty brands like Maybelline and Mac Cosmetics, and clothing brands like Levi’s and Express, I now have such a greater appreciation for influencer marketing and branding!


Thanks to dear friend of mine, I was invited to an influencer dinner in Chicago where I got to meet and learn from local bloggers. A few months ago, I became a Local Guide with Google Maps  in a city I moved to just a couple years ago - what?!?


I also worked with incredible photographers and videographers this year for some pretty dope collabs!

Outside of blogging and the partnerships, I met some incredible people throughout this year and have been supported by some phenomenal friends and family members. My family is very close and we have lots of traditions that we upheld this year. I love that I got to spend so much time with them for various occasions!

I formed a close-knit circle of boss-babe girlfriends who inspire me each day. It’s so satisfying when you can truly be yourself around a group of people, so I’m extremely grateful that my friends put up with my quirky self!

Other major highlights from this year:



  • Attending my first Chicago Pride Parade
  • Concerts: Beyonce & Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Essence Festival, The Internet
  • Celebrating 5 years together with Roosevelt 

  • Seeing my cousin Camielle and my sorority sister Adrienne get married
  • Getting promoted at my job

Here are some of the highlights of #WhatIAte in 2018!:

So much can change in a year! While things may not happen exactly when you want them to, God really does have perfect timing. I’m so grateful for 2018, and I’m so excited about what’s to come in 2019!

Travel Vlog: Breckenridge, Colorado

Travel Vlog: Breckenridge, Colorado

A Darling Brunch at Blue Door Farm Stand

A Darling Brunch at Blue Door Farm Stand