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Dinner at Tanta Chicago

Dinner at Tanta Chicago

When it comes to dinner, flavor is super important to me. Tanta Chicago has a multitude of phenomenal dishes with culturally-influenced flavors- unlike anything I've tried anywhere else in the city. I had the amazing opportunity to attend dinner at Tanta to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day, and the 5 year anniversary of the restaurant! 


At dinner, I enjoyed culinary creations by Executive Chef Giancarlo Valera and Chef de Cuisine Cristian Padilla. The Chefs and the restaurant staff were so accommodating and informative! They answered all of our questions about the food and culture throughout dinner.

What I Ate:


Cebiche Norteño - Influenced by Coastal Northern Peru

  • This was incredible. Fresh and flavorful, I highly recommend! 

Niguiri Achupado - Nikkei, Peruvian-Japanese influence found in Southern Peru 

  • This dish was definitely the most difficult to eat. If you saw my attempt at eating the prawn, you probably wouldn't read my blog anymore. That said, it was very tasty!

Tiradito Bachiche - Italian Crudo influence

  • This was a perfect combination of fish, aged parmesan cheese, garlic and basil!

Cordeo Chifa - Chifa, Peruvian-Chinese influence 

  • Okay. Can we pause for a second and talk about how cute all of the dishes and platters are at this place?! This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. The steamed bun with roasted lamb belly was delicious. 

Anticucho Carretilla - African influence from the streets of Lima 

  • While I typically wouldn't order veal, the way that it was paired with the potatoes and sweetbreads made for a fantastic dish. 

Paiche Charapa - From the Peruvian Amazon 

  •  This beautiful presentation opened up to reveal delicious amazon fish inside!

Cachetes - Cocina Criolla influence of Peruvian-Spanish 

  • This might possibly be the best quinoa I’ve ever had in my life. The beef cheeks were super tender and flavorful too!

La Bomba Sopresa 

  • This chocolate sphere was filled with the favorite sweets of the Tanta Chefs. It was a sweet ending to a wonderful evening!

Each of these dishes will be available at Tanta from July 27th through August 12th. If you're in the area, make sure you head over and try these masterful dishes before they're gone! 

Peru's Independence Day is July 28th. 

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