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5 Tips That Will Save You Time & Money at Disney World

5 Tips That Will Save You Time & Money at Disney World

Roosevelt and I took a trip to Disney World and we had an incredible time! Getting to spend time at the happiest place on Earth is the perfect antidote for a stressful everyday life. While I am a self-proclaimed "super planner", there were definitely things that we wished we would have known before we headed to Orlando. These may seem like small tips, but they make a big impact.

Tips/What We Learned (not sponsored, just my genuine opinion): 

1. Reserve FastPasses in advance. While we did do this beforehand, I still want to stress its importance. They are free to reserve and will save you a ton of waiting time on some of the more popular rides. You can reserve 3 per day. If you're staying at a Disney resort, you can reserve them up to 60 days in advance! If you're not staying at a resort, don't worry, you can still reserve them up to 30 days in advance.


2. Purchase a Dining Plan. I'm convinced that this saved us a ton of money and we didn't have to do the math around how much we were spending each day at the parks. We purchased the Quick Service Dining Plan, which gave each of us two meals and two snacks per day. This was great for us -the only type of meals that weren't included were sit-down meals with a waiter, which was fine. They also serve alcohol in the parks now- so a beer, cocktail, or glass of wine is included with your meals if you'd like! 


Pro Tip: They have Starbucks at all of the parks now, and you can use a snack credit for anything on the menu! I didn't know that and paid for my drink out of pocket.

3. Pack a Poncho. Because...Florida. We learned the hard way and ended up buying ponchos at the park for $12 a piece when it started to rain (facepalm). It's even more annoying knowing that we could have gotten a 5 pack like this for $9.50.

4. Purchase a portable fan. Another thing we learned the hard way. Obviously Florida is hot; however, it gets SUPER hot when you're standing outside waiting in line for a ride. Roosevelt ended up buying one at the park for around $20, when we could have purchased one like this beforehand for $9. 


5. Get in line for the most popular rides between 1-3 PM. This was a tip given to us by another guest at the park. This time of day is when the majority of the crowd takes a break for lunch or a snack, so it's perfect to ride those rides that you weren't able to get a FastPass for. 


Bonus Tip: Visit in the Fall! We went the week after Labor Day (September 5-9th) and it was noted as one of the best times to visit with the lightest crowds - and that was definitely true! The parks are also beautifully decorated for the Season.


I hope this is helpful as you plan your trip to Disney World. If you have more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

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