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Did I Complete My Summer Bucket List?

Did I Complete My Summer Bucket List?

It's late September and the weather is starting to cool off here in Chicago (only 8 more months until it's warm again!). At the beginning of the Summer, I created a bucket list - check out the original post here. Then, I did a check in at the beginning of August with this post. So - now that the Summer is over, did I complete my bucket list? 

No, I didn't. And that's okay! I completed most of it, and had several experiences that weren't even on the list! Here's where I landed: 

Complete at 1st Check In

1. Visit the beach.

2. Be a bridesmaid in my cousin Camielle's wedding.

3. Attend the Essence Festival for the fourth year in a row.

4. Get on the water - boat party on Lake Michigan

5. Go to my family reunion in Arkansas

6. Read a book by the pool.

7. Watch the fireworks at Navy Pier 

Completed Since the First Check In: 

1. Go to at least 5 street festivals in Chicago. So technically I went to 4 festivals and the Pride Parade, but I’m still counting it as complete in my book. The festivals I went to were: Do Division, Bluesfest, Wicker Park Fest, and the Chicago Jazz Festival. 

Here’s a pic of our amazing group before heading to the Pride Parade:


And at Do Division: 


2. Go to an outdoor concert. I SAW QUEEN BEY (internal squeal)! And.. Jay-Z too :). The concert was amazing! Both of them are such great performers and I’ll never forget it.

3. Go to an indoor concert. My friend Rachel invited me to a super neat experience created by Sofar Sounds. It was a really intimate experience where we watched a concert in someone’s living room! I definitely recommend checking out Sofar, as they have concerts in tons of cities!

Do you see us on the stairs? 


4. Go to a Cubs game. I love being at a ballpark in the summertime, so this was definitely one of the highlights of the Summer. They also won 7-0 that night too! Go Cubs Go!


5. Eat Italian Ice. Currently drooling thinking about it. 



1. Ride a Divvy bike alongside the Lake 

2. Eat alongside the water at the Chicago Riverwalk

3. Walk and eat along the 606

So I didn't complete three items out of 15. I would say that's not too bad! I can always knock out these three items in early Fall. How was your Summer? Did you check off items on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments! 

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