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My Birthday Dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant I’ve ever been to (BLVD Chicago)

My Birthday Dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant I’ve ever been to (BLVD Chicago)

I know a lot of people refer to New Year’s Day as somewhat of a “reset button”; however, for me, I feel like my birthday is my official start to a new year. I just celebrated by 26th birthday on the 13th and I’m already looking forward to what I’m manifesting as my best year ever. And to kick it off, Roosevelt took me out to a fantastic dinner at BLVD here in Chicago.


The first thing that made BLVD fantastic was the atmosphere. IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. The restaurant’s theme is Vintage Hollywood Glam, complete with a larger-than-life spiral staircase at the entrance, over-the-top chandeliers, plush couches surrounding the booths and multiple bars that make you feel like you’re in an episode of Mad Men. This may be the most gorgeous restaurant I’ve ever been to.


Pro Tip for the Ladies: Visit the restroom upstairs. Trust me. If there’s such a thing as #bathroomgoals, this is it folks.


Not to be overshadowed by the atmosphere, the food is also phenomenal. The dishes are quite elevated, but the flavor experience that you get is well worth venturing a bit out of your comfort zone. They also have an impressive list of cocktails that mix unexpected ingredients that just.. work.


I highly recommend BLVD for a date night or a small group dinner. I wouldn’t go with a large group -  not because they can’t accommodate the size, I just personally feel like the setting is more intimate and bit quieter.

What I Ate:

Cocktail: High Society - Tequila, matcha, lavender & a “spritz” of absinthe. Sounds wild, but it was so good! 

Appetizer: Caesar Salad – Roosevelt and I shared this- it’s a huge salad!

Appetizer: Sweet Corn & Dungeness Crab - Think of an upscale version of elote street corn. So delicious!

Entrée: “Minute Steak” and Potatoes – This steak was practically perfect. Super flavorful with the perfect texture!

Roosevelt had the Bone-In Porkchop – I tried it, and it was very tasty too!


What I Wore:

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you to everyone that wished me happy birthday over the past few days,  I truly appreciate each of you!

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