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Cleaning up my "brand" -  how I've learned to be authentically ME

Cleaning up my "brand" - how I've learned to be authentically ME

In my 2018 recap, I wrote about all of the “highs” from my first year of blogging. And while I was telling the truth about all of my experiences and I am extremely grateful for each of them, what I did not include in that post were some of the “fails”, and what I learned over the past year. As a new blogger/influencer, there were definitely some things that I could have done differently. Let’s get vulnerable and talk about what I plan to do in 2019 and beyond.


Stop comparing myself to other bloggers.

This is something that was hard for me even before I started blogging. Social media (especially Instagram) is where a lot of people go to show the best of the best of their lives, so it was often hard for me to not compare my life to theirs. This escalated once I started a blog. It took me almost a year to realize that I should not compare my blog/following to others, especially because some of them have been working on their craft for years, and everyone has their own unique personality and style! Instead of comparing my writing/photos/following to others, and trying to match them, I’ve recently started to take a learning approach from some of the bloggers that I admire. What do I like so much about their content? How do they engage with their audience? There are definitely tidbits I can learn from them, without feeling like I need to be just like them.


Stop accepting collabs/partnerships that don’t align with my personal brand.

As I started to receive requests for partnerships and collaborations, I got super excited to create content for #sponsored posts! To be honest, a problem arose when I started to get a bit “star-struck” when brands I recognized would reach out to me, and would accept collaborations for the wrong reasons. It really came apparent to me when it was time to actually post my photo for a partnership on Instagram and I would feel a tinge of regret. I knew that my post was not aligned with who I am or what my followers are looking for. To address this, I’ve started to narrow down the collaborations that I accept by making sure that the partnership for brand/product that aligns with what I stand for or promote regularly.


Be Myself!

While I was busy comparing myself to other bloggers, I’ll admit that there were times that I would try to make my photos and content look like everyone else, because that’s what I thought would create success for me. But what I learned over the last year is that what works for someone else does not mean that it works for me or my audience! From here on out I vow to be authentically me, and I hope you enjoy it!

I appreciate each of you for reading my blog and supporting me, whether you have been around for a full year, or a few days! I am still learning and growing, but my desire is to provide you with the best, most authentic version of me that I can! I’m genuinely excited for what’s to come.

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Introducing arranged by raychh - My Travel Consulting Service!

Introducing arranged by raychh - My Travel Consulting Service!