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My 2019 Summer Bucket List

If you’re reading this and asking “Isn’t it a bit late to write a Summer Bucket List? It’s..June.”, then you must not live in Chicago! As I write this, the weather app on my phone says it’s 64 degrees right now. While that’s not technically cold, IT. IS. JUNE. Okay, I digress, but the point is, we still have warmer days ahead to get out and enjoy #SummertimeChi, once the weather decides to catch up. Last year I wrote this Summer bucket list and then this recap to share what I accomplished. Overall, I think I accomplished a lot! I’m super excited to write my 2019 list, and to live life to the fullest extent that I can.

My Summer Bucket List

Chicago is testing me right now. May 20th, and the high today is 47 degrees. FORTY SEVEN. I just don't get it! Regardless of what is happening currently, I know that sooner rather than later, Summer will hit. I just know it! One thing this cold weather has done was make me anticipate the warm weather even more. I've put together a list of things that I must do this year.