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My September Skincare Favorites!

Lately, it may seem like my instagram has been overrun with skincare posts, but that’s because I’m so into it right now! In the past, I was super self-conscious about the appearance of my skin, and would hide it under a ridiculous amount of makeup. To be clear, I love a full “beat” face, with lots of glitter and glam, but that is separate from when I was wearing makeup to essentially hide what was underneath. I wanted to share with you my favorite products that I’ve been loving lately (in the order of my routine) and how they have been making a visible improvement in my skin!

My Eyelash Extension Experience

I am not a morning person. No matter how much sleep I get the night before, mornings are hard for me. Also, no matter how hard I try to simplify it, I complete a full makeup routine every day before work. The combination of the aforementioned traits, plus my interest in trying new things, prompted me to try eyelash extensions!