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2019 Summer Recap: Did I Check Everything On My Bucket List?

You know how Instagram/Facebook shows you memories of posts that you shared a year (or years) ago to the date? They are truly a reality check for how fast time flies. I just saw one pop up from the end of last September where I talked about how it was about to get cold in Chicago (sigh). As another fantastic #SummertimeChi comes to an end, I thought I would share how I did against the bucket list I shared a few months back.

My 2019 Summer Bucket List

If you’re reading this and asking “Isn’t it a bit late to write a Summer Bucket List? It’s..June.”, then you must not live in Chicago! As I write this, the weather app on my phone says it’s 64 degrees right now. While that’s not technically cold, IT. IS. JUNE. Okay, I digress, but the point is, we still have warmer days ahead to get out and enjoy #SummertimeChi, once the weather decides to catch up. Last year I wrote this Summer bucket list and then this recap to share what I accomplished. Overall, I think I accomplished a lot! I’m super excited to write my 2019 list, and to live life to the fullest extent that I can.

WE GOT ENGAGED! Lake Tahoe Vlog

OMG you guys! Roosevelt and i are ENGAGED! After being together for 5 years, this is the perfect timing and Roosevelt made everything so special. His original plan was to propose on a sleigh ride; but it got snowed out! Instead, he worked with a bunch of the staff at the resort to create the cutest setup at a restaurant nearby. He had written a speech and everything! A lot of you have asked, and yes- I was surprised! If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that I’m a planner, but - I’ve been taking time to enjoy our engagement before I start planning anything! No date yet :) Check out the vlog here, and then enjoy some photos from our trip below!

Cleaning up my "brand" - how I've learned to be authentically ME

In my 2018 recap, I wrote about all of the “highs” from my first year of blogging. And while I was telling the truth about all of my experiences and I am extremely grateful for each of them, what I did not include in that post were some of the “fails”, and what I learned over the past year. As a new blogger/influencer, there were definitely some things that I could have done differently. Let’s get vulnerable and talk about what I plan to do in 2019 and beyond.

HOW TO: Holiday Season in Chicago

Halloween is finally out of the way and I can now focus on my FAVORITE time of year, the Holidays! I’ve always loved the Holiday season, but something about spending it in Chicago makes the time even more magical. Whether you live here or you’re planning to visit Chicago in the next couple of months, here are the “must-do’s” - in my humble opinion.

Thirty Days of Eating “Better”

No, I am not going on a diet. No Whole 30, Keto or anything remotely close. I’m strictly trying to eat better- at least for 30 days. We’ll see what happens after. This all started a couple of weeks ago when honestly, I felt BAD. I was sluggish, and just felt outright gross. And as much as I wanted to deny it, I knew why - it’s because I was eating terribly. It’s rare for me to ever turn down a fast food run or delivery (Uber Eats and I are very close friends), and you already know my love for a bottomless mimosa brunch.

My Summer Bucket List

Chicago is testing me right now. May 20th, and the high today is 47 degrees. FORTY SEVEN. I just don't get it! Regardless of what is happening currently, I know that sooner rather than later, Summer will hit. I just know it! One thing this cold weather has done was make me anticipate the warm weather even more. I've put together a list of things that I must do this year.

What I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

This "Spring" has been very busy for me! I put it in quotations because, let's be honest - that season doesn't really happen in Chicago. I recently moved to a new apartment, which is always a time consuming process, and work has been pretty busy as well. Now that the dust is starting to settle, I've had some time to reflect on the past month, as well as get excited about what's coming up in the next few months! Here's what I'm looking forward to…

My First Time Meal Prepping + Grocery List

This post is all about meal preparation. This past week, I tried it for the first time, and probably not for reasons that you may expect. You see, I would not consider myself a "healthy eater". There is a Taco Bell a block away from my apartment, and I definitely take advantage of it. The reason for me venturing into meal prep wasn't about health, it was about money.