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WE GOT ENGAGED! Lake Tahoe Vlog

OMG you guys! Roosevelt and i are ENGAGED! After being together for 5 years, this is the perfect timing and Roosevelt made everything so special. His original plan was to propose on a sleigh ride; but it got snowed out! Instead, he worked with a bunch of the staff at the resort to create the cutest setup at a restaurant nearby. He had written a speech and everything! A lot of you have asked, and yes- I was surprised! If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that I’m a planner, but - I’ve been taking time to enjoy our engagement before I start planning anything! No date yet :) Check out the vlog here, and then enjoy some photos from our trip below!

HOW TO: Take the Stress out of Packing- PLUS a FREE Packing List!

Having a vacation to look forward to is one of the greatest feelings. As my friends and family know, I love planning (have you checked out arranged by raychh yet?) - so that part of the preparation doesn’t scare me. While planning is fun for me, the part that is definitely not my favorite - is packing. I’m notorious for waiting until the last minute to start packing, but luckily, I’ve got a system down that helps takes the stress out of my least favorite part. Here are my tips for making packing for a vacation less daunting:

Travel Vlog: Breckenridge, Colorado

Over MLK weekend, I took my first trip to Breckenridge, CO for a family weekend of snowboarding, snowmobiling, tubing and lots of snow! The thought of recording the trip came to me a only a few days before I left, so I decided to put up a poll on my Instagram story to see if my followers were interested - and they were! I’ve been off of YouTube for a while (Roosevelt and I started a channel a couple of years ago), so I’m a little rusty with vlogging, but I remember what I liked so much about it! Take a look at the vlog, and let me know what you think in the comments either here or on the video itself!

HOW TO: Holiday Season in Chicago

Halloween is finally out of the way and I can now focus on my FAVORITE time of year, the Holidays! I’ve always loved the Holiday season, but something about spending it in Chicago makes the time even more magical. Whether you live here or you’re planning to visit Chicago in the next couple of months, here are the “must-do’s” - in my humble opinion.

Lookbook: Disney World

I recently took a trip to Disney World with my boyfriend Roosevelt. Outside of the general excitement of planning the trip (well, at least I found it exciting), I love planning out my outfits as well. It saves me a ton of time when I'm packing, and it helps me make sure I don't forget anything. I try my entire outfits on before I go, that way I'm not surprised if something doesn't fit or coordinate. Check out what I wore at Disney (with links!), plus a few of my favorite pics from each park!

My Summer Bucket List

Chicago is testing me right now. May 20th, and the high today is 47 degrees. FORTY SEVEN. I just don't get it! Regardless of what is happening currently, I know that sooner rather than later, Summer will hit. I just know it! One thing this cold weather has done was make me anticipate the warm weather even more. I've put together a list of things that I must do this year.

What I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

This "Spring" has been very busy for me! I put it in quotations because, let's be honest - that season doesn't really happen in Chicago. I recently moved to a new apartment, which is always a time consuming process, and work has been pretty busy as well. Now that the dust is starting to settle, I've had some time to reflect on the past month, as well as get excited about what's coming up in the next few months! Here's what I'm looking forward to…

I WON on Let's Make A Deal! (Plus Full Episode Link)

People that know me and my family know that we love to be on TV. We're not celebrities, and we don't have our own show, but we do know how to get on TV and we're good at it. In the past, we've been in the audience for shows like The Voice, LIVE! with Kelly and Michael, and the Today Show - where my mom and I got to be a part of a summer-themed featured segment! I thought that was going to be the most humble-bragging I got to do for a while- until last summer, when we went to Let's Make a Deal in LA. Not only were we in the audience, but my cousin Penny, my mom and I all got to play as contestants, and we all won a prize! 

A Trip to Fayetteville, AR

Ah Fayetteville. My college town (Woo Pig Sooie!), and my home once I graduated and got my first "big girl job". I work for the same company today; however, they transferred me to Chicago a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, I have not been back to Fayetteville since I moved. Well, I went back once, but it was for one night and I got sick - so that doesn't count. I had to be in Fayetteville this past week for work, but decided to go down the weekend before so I could spend some time in a city that I lived in for over 5 years.