All in What I Ate + What I Wore

My Birthday Dinner at the most gorgeous restaurant I’ve ever been to (BLVD Chicago)

I know a lot of people refer to New Year’s Day as somewhat of a “reset button”; however, for me, I feel like my birthday is my official start to a new year. I just celebrated by 26th birthday on the 13th and I’m already looking forward to what I’m manifesting as my best year ever. And to kick it off, Roosevelt took me out to a fantastic dinner at BLVD here in Chicago

Brunch at Shore Club Chicago

One of the coolest parts about Chicago is that you can be in the middle of the bustling city surrounded by buildings and tourists one minute, and relaxing in the sand looking at open water the next. This past weekend I organized a beach day with some of my friends here in the city, and a few of us kicked off the day with brunch at Shore Club Chicago. The atmosphere takes you straight out of the city and drops you right off at a giant tent with the cutest, beachy vibe! It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Chicago!

Breakfast at Eggy's Diner

It has been a while since I've actually went out for what I could call "breakfast". I'm definitely more of a brunch girl, given that I can sleep in a bit longer and you know, the mimosas. But this particular time, I would definitely classify my experience at Eggy's Dinner as breakfast - and it was great.

A Trip to Fayetteville, AR

Ah Fayetteville. My college town (Woo Pig Sooie!), and my home once I graduated and got my first "big girl job". I work for the same company today; however, they transferred me to Chicago a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, I have not been back to Fayetteville since I moved. Well, I went back once, but it was for one night and I got sick - so that doesn't count. I had to be in Fayetteville this past week for work, but decided to go down the weekend before so I could spend some time in a city that I lived in for over 5 years.

Brunch at LoKal Chicago

One thing that gets me through the work week is knowing that I have brunch plans that upcoming weekend. This time, I went to LoKal Chicago with Roosevelt for his birthday! This was my second time going in a matter of weeks, and ironically, as I’m writing this, I have plans to go back TOMORROW. Can I officially call this my new favorite spot?

Dim Sum at Duck Duck Goat

If you’re into the Chicago food scene, you know you have to hit the restaurants of one of our most notable chefs, Stephanie Izard. She was the first female chef to win a season of Top Chef (go girl), and if you’ve tried any of her dishes, you understand why. While eating at her most popular restaurant, Girl & The Goat, usually requires a 60-90 day advance reservation (which is totally worth it),  she has a couple of other restaurants that are a bit more accessible. The one I most recently visited was Duck Duck Goat, self-described as “Reasonably Authentic Chinese”.